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Let G and H be two simple undirected graphs. An embedding of the graph G into the graph H is an injective mapping f from vertices of G to the vertices of H. The dilation of embedding is the maximum distance between f(u), f(v) taken over edges (u, v) of G. The Pancake graph is one as viable interconnection scheme for parallel computers, which has been examined by a number of researchers. The Pancake was proposed as alternatives to the hypercube for interconnecting processors in parallel computer. Some good attractive properties of this interconnection network include: vertex symmetry, small degree, a sub-logarithmic diameter, extendability, and high connectivity (robustness), easy routing and regularity of topology, fault tolerance, extensibility and embeddability of others topologies. In this paper, we give a construction of one by one embedding of dilation 5 of crossed hypercube into Pancake graph.


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