• O. KRAA Laboratory of Energy Systems Modeling, Mohamed Kheider University
  • A. ABOUBOU Laboratory of Energy Systems Modeling, Mohamed Kheider University
  • M.Y. AYAD Industrial Hybrid Vehicle Applications France
  • R. SAADI Laboratory of Energy Systems Modeling, Mohamed Kheider University
  • H. GHODBANE Laboratory of Energy Systems Modeling, Mohamed Kheider University


This paper presents a Modelling of traction control system of an Electric Vehicle (EV) based on the Energetic Macroscopic
Representation (EMR) and the Maximum Control Structure (MCS). This last is using Fuzzy Logic Control(FLC) toinvert the
EMR accumulation element for the control task. A developed combination of fuzzy control strategy with SMC combines the
advantages of these two approaches and facilitates the inversion of the accumulation elements. In order to validate the
simulation results, a comparison between the results obtained by MCS using IP controller which has already been developed
by L2EP laboratory (Lille, France) and the presented MSC-FLC obtained by Matlab/Simulink software tool is included


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