• H. GHODBANE Department of Electrical engineering from the Mohamed Kheider University, Biskra
  • O. KRAA Laboratory of Energy Systems Modeling, Mohamed Kheider University
  • A. ABOUBOU Laboratory of Energy Systems Modeling, Mohamed Kheider University
  • A. A. TALEB AMIH Laboratory from Valenciennes University


This  paper  presents  the modelling  and  the  control  of  a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor  (PMSM)  speed used  in an
electric vehicle. The classical vector control technique is enhanced using a specific Fuzzy Logic Controller FLC instead of a
simple PI, IP or PID control. These classical controllers need the adjustment of controller gains. The determination the gains is
not easy and needs  to be adjusted  if  the operating conditions change. The optimization problem of regulators IP parameters
used  in  the  vector  control method,  has  been  solved  by  using  a Fuzzy Logic. The FLC  can  be  dedicated  entirely  to  vector
control  of PMSM  and  it  offers  a  robust  and  a  realizable  controller  acting  as  a  non  linear  (and  optimized) PID. Than,  the
combination of fuzzy control strategy with vector controlled can give a good combination. In order to validate the simulation
results, a comparison between  the  results obtained by classical vector control and the presented hybrid controller using FLC
obtained by Matlab/Simulink software tool is included.


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