• A . TOUMI University Mohamed Khidher Biskra Algérie
  • N. RECHID University Mohamed Khidher Biskra Algérie
  • A . TALEB-AHMED LAMIH UMR CNRS UVHC 8530, le Mont Houy 59313 Valenciennes Cedex 9
  • K. BENMAHAMME Université Farhat Abbas Setif Algérie


In this work we propose, for the first time, a combined method for blind image restoration. This combination is based on PSO
and the integration in it of the search efficiency function that represent the optimal searching strategy elaborated by honeybees
when searching for food, and its use for the first time in image processing, to carry out the restoration operation of the only
blurred images and blurred and noisy ones. The results we got were excellent.


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