• NADJIBA. TERKI Genie electric department , Biskra university
  • WAFA. BENTRAH Genie electric department , Biskra university
  • DJAMEL. SAIGAA Electronic department M’sila university


The wavelet transform is a powerful and complex tool in the context of data compression. The discovery of the lifting schemes
structure make à wavelet filters simple, rapid and reversible. The compression field is an open research area. In recent years, a
significant development has experienced leading to the emergence of a large number of applications. This work aims to study
some adaptive nonlinear wavelet -developed recently- based on three nonlinear steps. These transforms are applied in lossy
image compression; in our work, we used a bit allocation algorithm and scalar quantization.



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TERKI, NADJIBA.; BENTRAH, WAFA.; SAIGAA, DJAMEL.. LOSSY IMAGE COMPRESSION USING A THREE STEP NONLINEAR WAVELET. Courrier du Savoir, [S.l.], v. 12, mai 2014. ISSN 1112-3338. Disponible à l'adresse : >http://revues.univ-biskra.dz/index.php/cds/article/view/447>. Date de consultation : 12 jui. 2020