the term historical novel between concept and origin

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This topic deals with the concept of the

historical novel as a literary genre with its

features and basics. Thus, it isessential to

focus on the concept and its foundation

which fuses two terms: novel and history in

a single narrative identity. The concept of

the historical novel refers to the text which

recalls the events of history and reproduce

them within the current time frame. The

objective of doing so is to deal with the

current events and therefore making a

liaison between the past and the present, in

which the author utilizes artistically the

historical material depending on the artistic

imagination and the human experience. In

doing so, the author makes use of the

artistic/literary devicesto produce a creative

text of an aesthetic function. The concept of

historical novel, with the Western and Arab

writers, has gone through many phases

during its evolution, which makes it a more

mature, artistic and developed literary genre

due to the efforts of its pioneering authors.

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Novel, term, historical, employment,


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