Prof. Bachir Achour : Research Laboratory in Subterranean and Surface Hydraulics, University of Biskra, Algeria

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Prof. Fouad Khalil : Faculty of Science and Technology of Fez (FSTF), Laboratory of Applied Chemistry (LCA), University of Fez, Morocco.

Prof. Rajouene Majdoub : Department of Horticultural Systems Engineering and Natural Environment, Higher Institute of Agronomy of Chott Mariem, Sousse, Tunisia.

Prof. Andrea Fenocchi : Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pavia, Italy.

Prof. Pierpaolo Zuddas : Institute of Earth Sciences of Paris, UPMC Sorbonne University, France.

Prof. Philippe Gombert, Ground and Underground Risks Division, INERIS, France.

Prof. Alain Grasmick : Laboratory of process engineering, University of Montpellier II, France.

Prof. Jacky Mania : Polytechnic School of Lille, France.

Prof. Gonçalo Rodrigues : Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Department of Sciences and Engineering of Biosystems (DCEB), Portugal.

Prof. Olivier Banton: UMR EMMAH, Mediterranean Environment and Modelling of Agro-hydrosystems, University of Avignon and the countries of Vaucluse, France.

Prof. Antoine Montiel :Responsible for the scientific mission for the water quality, SAGEP, France.

Prof. J. Paulo Monteiro : Universidade do Algarve, FCMA, GeoSystems Centre CVRM (IST), Campus de Gambelas, Portugal.

Prof. Emeritus Jean Pierre Laborde : Department of hydro-Computer Science and water Engineering, Nice Sophia Polytechnic School, France.

Prof. Adnan M. Hussein : Technical of Mechanical, Al-Haweeja Institute, Foundation of Technical Education, Baghdad, Iraq.

Prof. Mansour Al Qubeisi : School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, University of Brighton, United Kingdom.

Prof. Mehmet Cüneyd Demirel : Civil and Environmental Engineering, Portland State University, USA.

Prof. Essaid Bilal : Higher National School of Mines in St Etienne, France.

Prof. Samia Achour: Research Laboratory in Subterranean and Surface Hydraulics, University of Biskra, Algeria

Prof. Mahmoud Debabeche :Research Laboratory in Subterranean and Surface Hydraulics, University of Biskra, Algeria.

Prof. Larbi Djabri : Research Laboratory in water resources and sustainable development, University of Annaba, Algeria. 

Prof. Remini Boualem : Research Laboratory in Subterranean and Surface Hydraulics, Blida University, Algeria.

 Prof. Guilherme Henrique FIOROT : Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS, Mechanical Engineering Department, BRAZIL

Prof. Panayiotis Dimitriadis : National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Department of Civil Engineering, Greece

Prof. Ozgur Kisi : Ilia State University, Department of Civil Engineering, Georgia

Prof. Jacinta Palerm : Colegio de Postgraduados, Department of Rural Studies, Mexico

Prof. Ramon Salcedo : Technical University of Catalonia – UPC, Department of Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Barcelona, Spain

Prof. Saidi Mohamed El Mehdi : Cadi Ayyad University - Marrakech, Department of Earth Sciences, Morocco.

Prof. El Amrani Souad : Hassan II University. Ben M’sik  Sciences Faculty , Department of Biology, Morocco.

Prof. Rhazi Filali Fouzia : Faculty of sciences, Department of Biology, Morocco.